So, you have decided to start a small business. You know that you need to get yourself online, and in a not too distant future, get a website. Most importantly though, is your e-mail address. In this day and age, I am confused, that I see some work vans running with businessname at email address, or even worse, businessname at!

Let’s look at how much it would cost to get a Top Level Domain. Let’s head down to NameCheap for a world TLD, or for a I would suggest DiscountDomains.

And for a website to work, one needs to pay for a hosting service. Some registrars would try to sell you, domain emails, however I would suggest you not to fall into that trap of paying for something that you can put together rather simply. To be honest, I would rather stick to purchasing a .com or any other world TLD, versus country’s TLD, like .kiwi or

Once you have registered a domain name, and purchase a hosting space ($10.00 USD for the first year, and then you pay $40.00 USD for 3 sites, subsequent years), follow these steps.

First, head over to your control panel (CPanel), and click on email accounts, set yourself an inbox, yourname at yourcompanydomain dot com, for example. Then click on the default address, make that one email as a ‘catch all’ email for anything at yourcompanydomain dot com.

Then head over to the forwarder, and follow through the steps, until you get this:

Once that is set up, you head over to your GMail. For your own safety, I would suggest you set up a 2 factor authentication, here. Then you would need to create an app password, and keep this safe, because you will need this for the new email setup. You will also need this if you want to set up your iPhone to receive and send using the native email account (that’s for another post, keep an eye out).

Anyway, head to your GMail, and go to the wrench setting on the top right corner.

Click on settings, and head over to the accounts and imports tab. Click on add another email you own. A pop up should show. Populate this as shown.

Ensure, ‘treat as an alias’ is not ticked! Populate the next screen like so, ensure the password inserted there, is the one that you had noted down earlier.

Click on the add account button. Not long from now, you will receive an email to verify that you wish to do this, from your CPanel account. Insert the code, or just click on the link that came with the email.

Once you are verified, you go back to the accounts and import tab again, you should see the below. Remember I have already set a catch all email in one of the account, so this ‘test’ account works.

As you can see, I can now send from multiple email addresses, on my GMail pull down menu on the webmail, and you can set it up on any devices you like.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. I look forward to any questions you may have.


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