I am in two minds, when it comes to paying for hosted system. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to snag the ‘Standard’ version of G Suite, for free. They are no longer offering this. I also have posted some tricks how you can save a few coins, by using your host control panel to forward your emails to G-Mail, and still look good doing it. Anyway, if you are in business, I still believe that paying for great services is important.

There are two primary giants, that are Google and Microsoft, who are offering similar. Today, however, I wish to discuss about G Suite, an offering from Google, as currently, they are offering 20% off the first year. G Suite Business provides everything you need for working, communicating and collaborating across your organization with simple, yet amazingly robust, user and network administration.

Let’s dig into the Details of “The Most Advanced Cloud Infrastructure” that stands behind G Suite and the rest of Google Cloud.

G Suite has an important layer of security that can be enforced for all users, if the admin decides to do so. This layer is known as 2-Step Verification.

If you log into G Suite from an unknown computer, you’ll be texted a verification code. For the times you are out of range on your mobile phone, you can carry a set of backup codes in your wallet so that you can securely access your G Suite account.

After reading the details on the linked page above, and you decide to give this a go for one year, I have available discount codes. Ping me.


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